Jalan – Jalan Di Semporna, Sabah.

Last Sunday,  me, Amirah and Andrea went to Semporna. This trip wasn’t planned. It was one of the random thing you did when you have nothing else to do during weekend 🙂

Nothing much to see along the way to Semporna. It took us approximately two hours to get there from our campus. 
Amirah insisted us to get a taste of the ikan bakar Semporna. 

We went to Tampi-tampi also. My friend said that the place was the shooting location for DUYUNG. Breathtakingly beautiful I must say. 

We made a quick stop at Bukit Tengkorak. You’ll know how much I love history if you read my previous post. Didn’t manage to explore the place since we’re already tired plus the place close at 5.00pm. But it’s okay 🙂

See you next time, Semporna.


3 thoughts on “Jalan – Jalan Di Semporna, Sabah.

  1. I am even kesian than u I guess. Never been there, semporna, LD, Twau and so forth.. huhuhu. btw, that places there are much exciting.. Tampi Tampi, Bt. Tengkorak.. i love this kind of places too where I can get much closer to the nature..nature lover here.hehe… hoping to be there real soon.. have a good day dear! ^_^


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