King Lear Dramatization

I must say that this semester’s courseworks are all fun . We’ve done Persuasive speech for language development, Non-routine problem for basic math, and we’ve just finished our King Lear drama presentation for English studies. Later on, for language description we’re going to write a movie review. Sounds fun to you? Indeed. But today’s post is all about our King Lear dramatization.
First of all, these people are my dashing comrades :
Maxwell as Edmund

Alexander as Edgar

Ain as King Lear

Tai Poi Ling as Cordelia
Azmira Shafika as Albany

Nurul Amirah ( middle ) as Goneril

Mandy Clarie as Gloucester

Aqilah Raihanah ( Black Tudung ) as Kent
Dephnie as Regan
The whole process of bringing the Act 5 to stage are shown through all these pictures :
Now I can’t wait to start writing my movie review. I picked INVICTUS. Simply because the movie touch my heart. Maybe I’ll blog about it later on.

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