Bina Insan Guru Phase I

Last week, the whole batch (PISMP TESL SK & SJKC  JAN 2013 INTAKE) went to Balung Eco Resort for our B.I.G which stands for Bina Insan Guru Phase I. Before going for this camping most of us are scared because according to some of the seniors it was tough and we really need to prepare our mental and physical. However, it was nothing like what we’ve expected and instead it was more like family outing. I learned a few more things there and I came back with a lot of questions in mind and realization. But let just keep that to myself.

So below are some of the activities we’ve done during the camping.

1. Ice Breaking
2. Water confidence

3. Larian Berhalangan


I need to mention this. I love, love , love my team. We did great throughout the 4 days and 3 nights. Each one of them is a good supporter and I can’t ask for more. All in all, I am happy with our B.I.G camping. And oh, this program supposed to be held in Lahad Datu but because of the unexpected incident we had no choice but to change our camping site. Safety come first. 
Pray for Sabah’s peacefulness.
Pictures courtesy of Tai Tsui Ying & Joseline

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