School Based Experience – Insight

This is a long overdue post. 
On our first day
I miss the foods at the school’s canteen 🙂
Last day
My first SBE happened early last month and I’ve been wanting to write a post on this but couldn’t find the right time. Apparently, today is the day 🙂 Sneak peak over HERE and HERE. I chose SK. Delayan, Sook, Keningau for the first SBE along with my three other friends. You can read their thought on this HEREHERE and HERE
On our way to the school on the first day, I can’t help but to be nervous. Butterflies all over my stomach. It’s my first time coming to a school as a trainee teacher, future teacher so the atmosphere was completely different. Luckily, the nervousness ended as soon as we arrived and all the teachers welcomed us with a smile on their faces. With friends around everything was easier. We finished the task and had the chance to interact with the students. Some are very good students. They listened to us tentatively and gave their full cooperation while some are really hard to handle but that’s what made this profession challenging and fun at the same time. In short, everything went well and we came back to IPG  with new experience and broader perspectives on teaching profession. 

3 thoughts on “School Based Experience – Insight

  1. waaawww, Dew, you look like a teacher now, and i can see that youre totally happy and satisfied with your profession.. hope to meet you and the rest for our reunion one day.. miss you ..take care 🙂



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