Sabah Children Congress

Well, look at me, writing an entry for three days in a row. Generally speaking, I seemed to be off tune when it comes to blogging for quite sometimes. I had numbers of what to share in mind. In fact, I think of stories, topics, and etc whenever I had the chance to. But all of those ideas ended up if not in my messy drafts, vanished. Just like that. Stepping into semester two, I made one promise to myself. I’m going to blog as frequent as I can. What’s the use of having a space on my own on the internet when I take it for granted? So without further ado, let’s proceed to the main topic. Shall we? Okay, that only sounds good when you do a presentation in class.
I decided to join the event ( Sabah Children Congress ) without a second thought. Three weeks holiday without doing anything beneficial I think is a total waste. Though I still like the idea of locking up myself at home, waking up late, not caring if my hair feel greasy, playing games until midnight..the list is endless. So the experience I acquired during those three days and two nights camping taught me a lot. Dealing with kids was never my cup of tea. Really. Turned out, I manage to get along with all the kids very well. Although I’m on the verge of having a massive headache. I mean, kids can drive you crazy. I bet my mother experienced the same thing. She dealt with kids for like forever. Since I’ll be dealing with kids a lot in the future, ‘hopefully‘, this camping was an opportunity for me to understand those little gems. To dig deep my potential in handling kids. Hands on experience is always the best way to learn and improve.

Poyo@Mega with Kiki Lala
Speaker from The Phillipines
Young performer.
This event was specifically for Seventh-Day Adeventist.

4 thoughts on “Sabah Children Congress

  1. haha good thought! I was thinking of moving my ass off from my position in blogging. blogger should act like a real blogger, never hide. it seemed like your holiday wasn't just a regular one and i bet you had a quality time during the event..:)


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