Instead of doing my revision for the last two killer papers, here I am. Just a quick update on what I have been watching lately. 

The Master’s Sun
Who Are You?
These two dramas actually quite similar in term of ideas but have different story lines which is good because it’s refreshing, (I am sorry for the lack of better word) you know, to watch another story that almost similar to the first but you keep on watching because it’s different. 

In The Master’s Sun, the lead female character, Tae Gong Sil, has the ability to see and interacts with ghosts after she got involved in a near death accident. Since then, she live in fear because she sees ghosts almost everywhere. One day, she meet Joong Won, an arrogant and extremely rich man. Gong Sil is so desperate to be near him because every time she touches him the terrifying ghosts will disappear. At first, Joong Won didn’t believe her, but after one incident he started to believe her and let her to be around him as long as she doesn’t get him into trouble. Together, they solves the mysteries around them. And of course, in the end they fell for each other. 
While ‘Who Are You’, is a story of a woman (Yang Shi On) who sees ghost and a detective (Cha Goon Woo) who didn’t believe in ghosts because he believes what he can see and touch only. 
“Detective Yang Shi-ohn wakes up from a six-year coma. She gets reassigned to the lost and found department, where she discovers that she’s gained the supernatural ability to see ghosts connected to the objects left behind there. Along with her new partner, rookie cop Cha Gun-woo who’s a hotheaded skeptic, Shi-ohn uses the information to solve cold cases. Gun-woo only believes in tangible things he can see, hear and touch, but he gradually comes to trust Shi-ohn, and together, the bickering partners help the spirits fulfill their dying wishes and unfinished business before passing on to the afterlife.
One of the ghosts watching over Shi-ohn is her ex-boyfriend Lee Hyung-joon, another detective who died that night six years ago when Shi-ohn received the serious head injury that nearly killed her and left her comatose. They were working on a big case together, but Shi-ohn has no memory of what happened that fateful night.- From Wikipedia”

For me, both are good dramas. But personally, I pick ‘Who Are You’ over ‘The Master’s Sun’ because the mystery in the story is more intense. But I have been listening to The Master’s Sun OSTs because they are sooo good. 

The Originals
Meanwhile, for English dramas, I can’t wait for Once Upon A time S3 to finish. The last two seasons are quite good with additional characters in S2 and more developed story lines. However, I seems to lost track of the new season so let just wait for the other episodes. Who knows it gets better. 
As for The Originals, I really like Klaus since The Vampire Diaries. I only watch TVD out of boredom but then I am hooked up to it because of Klaus and the other Originals. I don’t know why bad guys in dramas always has something that makes me adore them more than the lead character. Anyone feels the same way? I am so excited when I found out that they brought The Originals into another series drama. Now I can focus more on them. Their story is far more interesting. It revolves around the themes of family, loyalty and trust. Maybe because of the fact that I have seen or read enough stories about vampire falling for human that makes me shun another vampire related story (but not this one). I am sorry vampires lovers. 
I found one article on why The Originals is better than The Vampire Diaries. Check it out HERE. Before I end this, just want to say that I am not trying to evoke any unpleasant feelings by showing which side I stand between these two dramas. I believe we are entitled to our own opinions. 
That’s about it. I would love to know your favourite dramas 🙂

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