Few months ago, my roommate and I had the time to tour KK city by walking right after we finished our SBE. Our flight was on Sunday’s afternoon (SBE ended on Friday) so we decided that we used our time to explore KK by just walking. We walked from our hotel to Terminal Wawasan to Jesselton Point and back to our hotel again. After all the walking I can say that I’m bone tired but definitely worth all the sweats and blisters. We saw things that we usually overlooked. I mean, you could see all kind of details. From the building, the people and even the changes that I didn’t even realise. 
On Sunday morning, we went to Gaya Street and had our breakfast there. Here’s the thing, because there are so many people and stuffs to look at I ended up leaving the place with not a single picture taken. It was great to just walked through the streets. Immersing myself to the surrounding and stop whenever something caught my eyes. 
These pictures were taken earlier this year when I went there with my family before leaving KK for Tawau.
I want to tour this lovely city of KK again. Probably soon.
That’s about it. 
Till next post 🙂


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