Malacca Part I ( Budget Trip )

Like what I’ve shared in my previous post, last semester break, not more than two weeks ago, my friends and I went for a budget trip ( Malacca-JB-Singapore). Our trip was one meaningful experience and it needs to be documented hence, the existence of this post πŸ™‚ Our first stop was the historical city of Malacca and I must say that Malacca really live up to its reputation as one of the popular attractions in Malaysia.Β 
From KLIA2 we took a bus and went straight to Malacca. It took about two hours and 20 minutes to get there. I was practically bone tired ( slept at almost two the night before and went to the airport at 5.30am ) and fell to sleep along the way. It’s almost four when we reached Melaka Sentral. From there, we took a taxi and went to Jonker. The moment we entered the Jonker area, I was in awed seeing all the old buildings and the vintage feels really excites me. I’m sure if you see my face at that time you can really tell how I cannot wait to explore the place.
After we got off from the taxi, we went for a hotel/hostel/guesthouse hunting. We actually didn’t have specific plan on where to stay. Hotel, hostel or guesthouse? No. As long it was nice and cheap, of course. I think that we were very lucky because even without early reservation or proper planning we managed to get a really nice place to stay with affordable price.Β 
The hotel receptionist suggested us a place to eat for halal food (since one of us is a Muslim) and she showed us the way and even provided us with a map. Turned out, map confused us even more. I think it took us about an hour before we finally found the place we’re looking for. After we’ve done feeding our hungry tummies, we continued on walking and ‘wowwing’ at the every details of our surrounding.
We got back to our hotel, washed up and continued exploring the place. We’re actually looking forward for the night market at the Jonker Walk but sadly there are no night market at that time. We don’t know why. My friend said it is supposed to be held every night. Is it? We don’t know. To make up for our disappointment, we decided to go for the river cruise. It costs us only MYR10 per ride. I have to say that Malacca River look even nicer at night. We got back to the place we stayed in after that and ate instant noodles accompanied with instant coffees ( It’s a budget trip, alright?).
Notice the uneven skin tone? That’s the result of camping under the scorching sun.
1. Jonker Walk

2. Malacca River Cruise

3. River Song Residence

Till then πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Malacca Part I ( Budget Trip )

  1. The last time I went to Malacca is when I was 10..or 12..I don't remember. It's 20 years ago & the river cruise hadn't exist yet. I wish I could go there again someday. It's a beautiful place. ^^


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