Malacca Part II ( Budget Trip )

On our second day, we checked out from the place we stayed in for a night at around 9am ( because check out time was usually at 12pm ). We left our belongings under the supervision of the hotel’s receptionist so that easier for us to move around.

We planned to feed ourselves first but the shops around there were not open yet even though it’s almost 10 in the morning. So we went on with exploring the town. First stop was A Famosa! Growing up I remember seeing pictures of this historical landmark on television, books and newspapers. Finally, I got to see it through my own eyes. But what I didn’t expect was it’s actually not the size I thought it were. I mean, it used to be a port that protected Malacca from enemies, isn’t it? So I imagined it to be tall and big. Mighty looking. Blame on my expectation.

Then, we hiked up a bit to see the St. Paul’s Church and the Dutch’s Graveyard. We were lucky to get there early before the other tourists came. We had the whole place to ourselves and we are free to take pictures without people suddenly walk by and also not feeling awkward posing for the camera. Plus, the silence got me imagining how the church were back then. In fact, I was imagining how Malacca used to look like the whole time I was there. Inside the church, there are old tombstones being displayed. The tombstones are actually from an old burial vault that were excavated in 1930 and then affixed to the church’s walls. Might not be a good idea to visit the place at night 🙂

Our next stop was the Maritime Museum ( Flora de Lamar ). The museum was a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. I know some people think museum is boring and stuff but I like it. A lot. If not because of time constrained I could spend hours in there. There are a lot of things we could learn about the early history of Malacca. There are also collection of ship models being displayed there. If you are a history enthusiast then this place might just right for you. Plus, the interior design of the museum was also interesting. We also went to the Samudera Museum near the Maritime Museum. Not many people there compare to the Maritime Museum, I don’t know why.

From there, we headed for a lunch and then the Taming Sari Tower. If you are afraid of height, then think twice because well, you might just fainted. Hehe. Nothing much to say about this one. If you are keen to see the view of the Selat Melaka then this is how. Go to Taming Sari Tower. After Taming Sari, we then went to see the Stadhuys but it was close at that time. But it’s alright since we had seen much of the historical city. We went back to Jonker Street and bought some souvenir. We walked some more and saw few other interesting things there ( like the Kling Mosque ). Because it was almost two, we decided to grab a taxi and headed back to our hotel to get our stuffs then to Malacca Sentral again and off to Johor we went.

The Dutch’s Graveyard

St. Paul’s Church

The Maritime Museum

Collection of ship models. Can I have one? They’re so cool.

Details. Details. Details. 

Lesson learned from Jonker 🙂
Till then 🙂


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