SINGAPORE (Budget Trip)

This will be the last post on our little adventure about three months ago. 

Our next stop was Johor Bahru. We got off at Larkin Sentral and then took a taxi to Johor Bahru. The taxi driver was so kind with helping us finding an affordable hotel. We were very lucky because we found a really nice hotel with great price for two nights. After getting our rest, we dressed up and went out to look for food and we ended up at this one night market. A really long night market. So much to see and the prices of the clothes sold are dirt cheap compare to here. 

Before this trip, my friends and I did a lot of research on how to get to Singapore through bus from Johor. There are a lot of helpful tips on the internet (we even managed to get free ride to the airport, thanks to whoever shared the tip on the internet!) So with the information we had, we headed to JB Sentral. Took our breakfast, asked people where to get the right bus, hopped on the bus, got off at the immigration centre, took another bus and then it’s Singapore! I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to elaborate more on the how-to. I think doing a lot of research and braving ourselves to ask people helped a lot. There was this moment when we were looking for the Merlion Statue and we actually got off at the wrong place and we almost lost. Thankfully, this one guy helped us. He even took out his phone and searched for the map and showed us the exact place. See, asked away! I don’t know what to say about Singapore except for its superb transportation system and its cleanliness. It was a short but memorable adventure. 

This trip had been wonderful and I’m looking forward for another adventure in the near future.

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