Hello people of the internet!

It’s been a year since my last post. Turned out taking on a hiatus took longer than what I planned. Life had been full with ups and downs. So much have happened that I lost count. Some had been good and some were not so good. However, I am so pump up to start writing again. To begin with, I want to share about our budget trip last March to Penang-Langkawi. It was a four days trip. It’s been six months and I will try my best to recall back the whole trip. We planned the trip since 2014. Right after our Malacca-Johor-Singapore budget trip on June 2014. Being a full-time students, it wasn’t easy to plan a trip. But I am glad we made it.

On the 13th March we flew from Tawau Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (2). Once we got there we took a bus to Puduraya Bus Station. I think that having the experience of where to get a bus from our previous trip made it easy for us to move around the airport without hustle. On our arrival at the Puduraya Bus Station, I was taken aback on how congested it was. There were so many people! To the point I felt almost suffocated. Then there was this one man who offered to take us to the counter to get the tickets and we agreed without much thinking. Turned out, he cheated on us! Asking us to pay extra money. Well, lesson learned. When we got to the ticket counter we learned that there are no bus available to Sungai Nibong at the moment and we had to wait for the 11.00pm bus. We had no choice but to wait.
After few hours of waiting we got on the bus. It took about five hours or so to get to Sungai Nibong Bus Station. We arrived at around 5.00 am. Then, we took a taxi and asked the driver to drive us to Georgetown. We booked our accommodation through online in advance and I must say it was a wise decision or else we would be stranded on the street looking for a place to stay. When we got to our guesthouse we cleaned up ourselves and then went out to start our adventure very early in the morning.

I’ll write about our first day in Penang in the next post. 
Till then.


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