I love morning in a place I have never been to before. The atmosphere felt different. You know the unknown could be scary but liberating at the same time. That’s what I felt on our first day in Penang. We went out very early in the morning and had our breakfast at the nearby stall. We had roti canai and Teh Tarik. The Teh Tarik was so good!
We then walked around Georgetown looking for the famous graffiti scattered around Georgetown. (Tip: Go out early if you do not wish to walk around looking for the graffiti in the scorching sun) The place is rich with stunning architecture. Thinking how historical they are made the experience even more precious. It as if you were being sucked into a time travel machine and being sent back to the old time. We found some of the famous graffiti and took loads of pictures.
Earlier, the uncle at the guesthouse told us about the ‘Hop On’ bus where you take a bus and the bus will stop at a particular checkpoint and there will be bus stopping by every 30 minutes. It is an efficient system and convenient for the tourist. We decided to take the bus but we had difficulty finding the counter to buy the ticket. We asked around but still could not get to the exact location. Then, we decided to hop into a bus and told the driver that we need to get the ticket for the ‘Hop On’ bus. Luckily, we got into a bus that will passed by the counter. The bus driver showed us the place and turned out it was a small counter that if you do not ask you would not know that it was actually a ticket counter. I wonder if they have upgraded it. (Tips: Don’t be shy to ask for direction)
The decision to take the bus was a wise one. We moved around much faster and we got to see more of the interesting places that Penang has to offer. We went to the Protestant Cemetery (where Francis Light was buried), Kota Padang Lama, Fort Cornwallis, Bukit Bendera, Blue Mansion and the Kek Lok Si Temple.

The place we stayed in Penang was the Roommate Guesthouse. You can check them out if you wish to go to Penang and stay in an affordable place. Their service is efficient and they have friendly staffs. 
I’ll write about our Langkawi adventure in the next post.
Till then!

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