LANGKAWI (Budget Trip)

The next day, our destination was Pulau Langkawi. We got up super early to catch the early morning ferry. The ticket fees was quite pricey but we went on with our plan because we don’t have any back up plan. It took about three hours of ferry ride to get to Langkawi from Penang.

Once we arrived we decided to rent a car since we heard that it was the best way to move around the island. We then grabbed our lunch and our first stop was the Dataran Lang featuring the famous giant eagle statue. The Landmark of Langkawi. Then, we headed to Makam Mahsuri. We didn’t enter because there were so many people and we wanted to save money. On our way to the SkyCab we stopped by at Pantai Kok. A beautiful beach and we had the beach all to ourselves.
We then continued exploring the skycab and the skybridge. It was my first time riding a skycab. Just to let you know I have fear of height. I got jelly legs and sweaty palms the whole time I was in the skycab but survived it and the suspension bridge. I even enjoyed myself!
We planned to see the Pantai Rhu but we were told that it was closed. So we headed to Pantai Chenang. It is a developed beach coast with shopping malls and tourists flooded the place. There were so many people there! We sat on the beach and watched the sun set. It was a precious moment. After that, we decided to grab our dinner and explore the place. My friend even got to perform ‘Anak Kampung’ with a street busker. It was so much fun! We then bought coconut at one of the street stalls and sat there till past midnight.
We didn’t stay at any place in Langkawi. We slept in a car we parked in front of a mosque so that our friends could perform the Subuh prayer. Early in the morning we headed back to the Ferry station to go back to Penang. Once we arrived in Penang, we went to our guesthouse to clean up and get some rest before we went out for the Big Bad Wolf book fair.

For dinner, we decided that we needed to taste Laksa Penang. We asked around for the best place to have laksa Penang. We were told to go to Kota Padang Lama but when we got there this one man selling rojak buah told us it was closed so he suggested us to go to this one food corner. I forgot the name of the place but it was near Kota Padang Lama. I was so glad that we managed to get a taste of the Laksa Penang. It did not disappoint me. After filling our stomach with good food we enjoyed a street performance by a local band and once again my friend performed ‘Anak Kampung’. We then headed back to our guesthouse because we need to get up early for our morning flight.

This trip was so much fun and adventurous. We were on a really tight budget but we still had great time!



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