Road Trip (Sandakan – Kinabatangan)

“And maybe it was childish, this old urge to explore for exploring’s


 Ransom Riggs

Who doesn’t fancy road trip? Not me. I have always wanted to do a road trip. My friends and I did one time but it was only a short ride for me and most of our plans were cancelled due to the earthquake few months ago. This time it was a five hours drive to the places I’ve never been to. Okay, I did passed them for I don’t know how many times and it doesn’t count. 

“Have you been to Sandakan?”
“No, I just passed by.”

I am sure no one wants conversation like that. I surely don’t want. Therefore, my friends and I planned a road trip to Sandakan and Kinabatangan. We asked few people if they wanted to join us. They said yes and that’s how we ended up road tripping for three days. I’ll write about all the places we went to part by part. It is easier that way. 
It was a tiring trip but it was definitely a memorable and wonderful trip. So here are some of the photos we took throughout our trip in no particular order.
Sandakan Town
The road to Labuk Bay

Our dorm. We actually spent our first night in another place but I didn’t take picture of the place.
Hiking up to get to the top of Agop Batu Tulug.
Inside the Gomantong Cave, Samud Hitam. This place is massive.

Don’t just look around. Take the time to read the information boards. They are there for a reason. You never know you might learn something new. I know I learnt a lot during this visit. 
At the Puu Jih Shih Temple entrance.

Till then. 

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