Agnes Keith’s House

I’ve always wanted to visit the Agnes Keith’s house for no particular reason. I just wanted to see the house that once occupied by a lady who gave Sabah the name Land Below the Wind. Before visiting the house I had little knowledge about Agnes Keith. I’m sure most people too. Some don’t even know who she was. But after I visited the house and watched Three Came Home (a 1950’s movie adapted from Keith’s book. Also included was a snippet of Sandakan in the 50’s) the name of Agnes Keith will be forever engraved in my heart. Such an inspirational lady. 
The thing I love about the house is that it provided enough information about Keith’s life before she came to Sandakan and after the WWII. It also has some old photos which I think give visitors glimpses into the live of Agnes Keith while in Sandakan. 
There’s also excerpts from her books being display. And  there’s one excerpt that describes the master bedroom in details. If you go there it’s near the bedroom’s door. The furniture in the bedroom were arranged exactly like what Keith’s wrote in her book. And there’s also paranormal occurrences included to attract visitors’ interest. Some people said that they’re having goosebumps while there but I’m guessing that it’s just a psychological influence. Who knows. 
If you wish to see this house I hope you’re not just looking around. Take the time to learn the story of this house and the people that have lived in it. Only then you can appreciate this place and not being ignorance by saying “it’s just a house”. 

Taking picture inside the house is prohibited.
Hoping y’all having a good day.
Till then.
P/S: Support local tourism 🙂

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