Agop Batu Tulug

This one was not included in our places to see list. Do you know that Sabah’s archeo-tourism didn’t get much coverage? And that’s why most of the archaeological sites are still unknown to the local people.
We got to know this place while on our way to Tawau by bus from KK. We saw the signboard that says “Muzium Arkeologi Agop Batu Tulug” on the roadside. You basically can see it if you’re passing Kinabatangan (Kampung Batu Putih). You just have to keep your eyes open for the signboard. 
Here’s a link if you’re interested with this place AGOP BATU TULUG
After visiting Gomantong, my friend asked if we’re going to continue our journey back to Tawau or if we had anything else to see. We decided to stop if we saw anything interesting and that’s when we remembered Agop Batu Tulug.  
Basically, Agop Batu Tulug is a limestone hill that was used as an ancient log coffin burial site from about 500 to 900 years ago. Yes, you’ll see coffins from hundred years ago if you visit this place. The coffins burial sites were divided into three main caves namely Agop Sawat (upper), Agop Lintanga (middle) and Agop Suriba (lower). We only went to the middle and upper caves. In the middle cave you can see coffins with plain design while in the upper cave you’ll see coffins with more intricate design of animals features such as the head of buffalo and crocodile. So I assumed that each of this cave represents something. Maybe social status. Who knows. 
To get to the top you need to do a bit of a hike. For someone like me who’s afraid of height the hike is a bit of a challenge because it’s a steep hike. But I tell you that once you get to the top you’ll feel worth it. The view is beautiful and refreshing. On another note, I realised that there’s not much pictures of the place taken. I’m sure no one is interested in our trying-to-be-supermodel photos. Haha. And that’s it. The last place we went to during our three days road trip to Sandakan and Kinabatangan. 
Entrance fee (as of October 2015):
Malaysian – RM2
Non-Malaysian – RM15
(Open daily from 9am-5pm)
Agop means Gua/Cave
Hope y’all have a good day.
Till then.


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