Road Trip (Lahad Datu-Kunak)

Another road trip. Yeayy! But this time it’s only a one day road trip to Lahad Datu and Kunak. Initially, our plan was to see all the interesting places in Kunak. However, all the information we got from the internet was not being helpful to us. Here’s why:
If you search for interesting places in Kunak over the internet you’ll find out that Kunak has quite a number of interesting places. Upon knowing this, we were very excited to see these places! However, you must know that most of these places are situated in private estate which mean you can’t go in however you wish. You need to apply for a permission to enter these places (We went to Binuang and Mostyn and both require formal permission to enter). I was so frustrated because of all the sites we referred to none of them stated this matter. Even the district’s official site didn’t include such information. 
Whatever it was, we still had a good time during this trip. Here’s some of the photos we took during the trip. I’ll write about the places we went to in a separate post. 

Till then 🙂

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