Madai Cave, Kunak


Our last destination for our road trip to Lahad Datu and Kunak (fyi, we had another short road trip shortly after this trip and I’ll blog about it soon) was the Madai Cave. This cave is not under any management agency as it is own by the village people, specifically the Idahan people who have lived there for so long. So there’s no entrance fee but if you go there it is advisable to hire a guide. If you’re concern about the fee, fret not as they will only ask you to pay them by the amount you’re willing to pay them. But I think since it is their source of income we should pay them accordingly.

If I were asked to compare my experience exploring Simud Hitam cave with Madai cave I would say that exploring Madai cave was more adventurous. Before this trip my friend and I read that there are people being raped inside the cave. We don’t know if the story is true. Having read such news terrified us as we’re with no man. And when all the guides were male we all became terrify for a moment and when we talked about it after we got out I found out that we’re all actually planning about how to escape if something happened to us. I thought I was the only one.

We still couldn’t stop talking bout how grateful we were nothing happened to us. Instead, we had loads of fun and got to learn new things about the cave and also the work as a bird nest collector. Our guides were all friendly people and took good care of our safety. They even told us that we came at the wrong time. Supposedly, we come during the harvesting season so that we can see how the work done inside the cave. This year, the last harvest season is in December. So if you’re planning to go and see this cave you should come during that time.

We didn’t get to the top of the cave because it had just rained and the trails were slippery and the guide said we shouldn’t risk our safety.

We were also shown the places where collectors fell and died. The remnants of the ropes are still there.
This is an ancient coffin found inside the cave.
If anyone of you wonder what is there to see..well, a cave. I know not many people fond of the idea of exploring a cave. It’s dark and full with bats’ shits and cockroaches. It’s not a place for everyone. But I think that it’s the sense of adventure that matter. And you’ll learn more more than what you learned at school. Learning about the work as bird nest collector make me realise how comfortable my life is.
I had mixed feeling about this trip. At one point it was disappointing but towards the end I felt happy, blessed and grateful. Whatever it is, I feel like I need to get out more and explore. Remember, adventure doesn’t mean trip across the ocean or climbing the top of a mountain only. It’s more than that. It’s up to you what kind of adventure you want to experience. Do it for the experience. Do it because it enriches your life.
If you do thing to impress and compete with people, where’s the life in it? Hope y’all have a good day. If adventure is at your door step by all mean grab it and fully experience it. Till then.

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