Road Trip: Bukit Tengkorak, Semporna

On our way to Semporna I took out my camera to record a video but then I realised that I forgot the battery!
You don’t know how frustrated I was by the fact that I charged the battery the night before and yet I still forgot about it. Even though my friends have a camera and iphone it still didn’t make me feel any better. Personally, I love taking my own photos because I wanted to see the places we went to through my own lens. And when I scan through my friends’ photos I can see different different angles. It really tells our own perspectives and personality. Anyone else feel that way?
I guess this incident forced me to practice ‘yoga’ off the mat. I forgot the battery. So what? I have my phone. And besides it’s not the photos that matter. It’s the experience. The sense of adventure. These things cannot be captured even by the most expensive camera you could have. I’m glad that I didn’t let this tiny matter got the best of me.
Let’s put that aside and get on with my main point which is our trip to Bukit Tengkorak in Semporna. So here’s an excerpt I got from HERE that I want to share so that you know what’s the hype about this place is all about.
“Bukit Tengkorak is a volcanic rock-shelter site and a part of volcano mouth of 2km in diameter. Bukit Tengkorak Archaeological Site is the largest pottery making factory in Southeast Asia during the Neolithic period. The hill slopes are littered with numerous pottery shards with various patterns dating 3,000 BP. An ethno-archaeological study shows that pottery making is still practised by the Bajau of Semporna today.”
Few years back, I went to this place but didn’t get the chance to do the hiking. You can read about it HERE. I tell you, this place is truly beautiful! You have to see it with your own eyes to agree with me on this. My friends and I couldn’t stop wowwing (if that’s even a word) the whole time we were there.
The only thing that disturbed me when I was there was the vandalism happened around the place. I’m afraid that if the maintenance of the place is being neglected soon enough it will lose its charm. And that would be a great lost.
There’s a boardwalk provided for visitors but if you want to explore the place more you have to brave yourself to follow the trails less taken. But make sure you’re not alone. Especially if you’re a woman. My friends and I decided to follow an abandoned trails and it was truly the best decision ever. We found a beautiful spot to take photos.
This is the famous ‘Sleeping old man’. It comprises three islands which are Bohey Dulang, Tatagan and Gaya. When you see it with your own eyes you’ll know why the people of Semporna named it as the ‘Sleeping old man’ (because you can’t really sees it through photo). Legend has it that these islands were actually a family who didn’t want to be apart so they went to see a shaman to make them stay together as a family forever. The shaman then turned each of them into an island which is now known as Bohey Dulang, Tatagan and Gaya. However, scientifically these islands are in fact the rim of a huge volcano that erupted million years ago. Whatever the truth is, it’s always fun to learn something new.
The last hut where we had our lunch. Just like our previous road trip, we packed our own lunch to save money.
The beautiful spot. Again, you have to see it with your own eyes because this photo cannot do the justice on how breathtakingly beautiful the view is.
After exploring the hill, my friends and I spent some time at the gallery to learn about Bukit Tengkorak and its history. I love it that the place has enough information for visitors who are interested in learning about the hill.
Is this place worth visiting? Yes! Provided you spent some time to actually explore it and enjoy the beauty of its surrounding. It’s also a great place for family picnic. Besides you don’t have to pay to enter. Yes, it’s free of charge people! If you’re a history enthusiast you can learn about the hills and the archaeological aspects of the place at the information center/gallery. If you come to Semporna this place should be included in your itinerary. I guess that’s about it. Hope y’all have a good day. Till then.
I’m sure that most people are thinking about the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters when they think of Semporna. We haven’t gone island hopping yet. But it’s in our plan. I forecasted that next year would be pack with going here and there. Nothing is fixed yet as we want to take thing one step at a time and be flexible with our plans. Can’t wait to see where life take us to next! Fingers crossed for more adventure!

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