24 Hours in Labuan

Last week, my friends and I spent 24 hours exploring Labuan. I don’t know how big or small Labuan is but what I am certain of is that you could pretty much see all of the interesting places there in 24 hours or less. 

We took the 8.00 am ferry to Labuan at Jesselton Point. For your information, there is only one ferry operator available to Labuan from Jesselton Point. As of December 2015, the ferry departed from Jesselton Point at 8.00 in the morning and 1.30 in the afternoon. So if you plan to spend only a day in Labuan you should plan your trip in advance.

 I arrived at the Jesselton Point at 7.00 in the morning and bought the ferry ticket which cost us RM 24.32 per person (the ticket fee is cheaper when you departed from Labuan to KK). The ferry set off at exactly 8.00am. It was three hours ferry ride and we arrived at 11.00am at the Labuan International Ferry Terminal. Since we had our friend waiting for us we did not have to rent a car. But you can easily get a rental car at the terminal.

This was a very short trip but wonderful nevertheless. So what can you do/see in Labuan for 24 hours?

I will write about all of these places in a separate post so that we can learn about these places together.

1. Visit the Labuan War Cemetery


2. Visit the Surrender Point/ Peace Park


3. Visit the Chimney Museum


4. Visit the Bird Park


5. Visit the Labuan Museum
6. Visit the Labuan Marine Museum


7. See the Labuan Clock Tower


8. Shop at the duty free shops (Chocolate shopping specifically)

There you have it. My sharing on what you can do/see in Labuan  for 24 hours. I did not include any place to eat because we just ate at any random restaurant and because I really am not good in recommending foods or restaurants. I just ate whatever/wherever feels good. And if you think we missed on anything while we were there do let me know 🙂

Hope y’all have a good day.
Till then.

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