Hiking in Bukit Gemok, Tawau

Finally we made it to Bukit Gemok after living in Tawau for five years! I don’t know what took us so long to get there. Whatever the reasons are, I’m super glad that we finally made it there.
My friends and I arrived at around six something in the morning. We thought that it would be best to do the hike early before the sun gets too hot. However, the gate was not open yet when we got there. We then decided to head for a breakfast and came back at around seven. You don’t know how glad I was to see that the gate was already open at that time (waiting suck out the excitement out of me and I don’t like it when that happened). We then went to the counter to get the ticket. Yes, you need to purchase a ticket to enter the place. We paid MYR5 each as of May 2016. Basically, there are a few activities you can do there. You can have a picnic, camping and of course, do the hike to get to the canopy walk which is the main attraction of the place.
The hike to the canopy walk is about 1,7KM. From what I experienced and based on my fitness level (I have a weak cardiovascular system) the hike was quite challenging at some point. But as long as you take it slow and follow your own pace, then it should be okay. Took us more than 30 minutes to reach the canopy walk. I personally feel that the canopy walk was the best part of the hike though it could be a challenge for someone who’s afraid of height. We spent quite some time at the canopy walk enjoying the view and calmness of the place. A really great place to wind down during the weekend I must say. But of course only if there’s not many people there.
A friendly reminder here, it is not advisable to do the hike alone especially for a girl.
I would love to go there again!


Till then.

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