Mamut Ex Copper Mine, Ranau

img_1125Mamut ex copper mine is relatively new to many people. That include me. I only knew about this place last year through Instagram though I read about this place while in school but never had I imagined that one day I’ll be able to see it with my own eyes. Though Mamut Copper Mine is not officially open for visitation it has gained attention from many these past few years.

We went to the ex mine on the first day of our Ranau trip. However, the main gate is closed and we need to walk by foot to reach the mine. It was getting dark that time and we decided to come back the next day.

As planned, we reached Mamut Copper Mine main gate the next day at noon and parked our car at the main gate. There were few other cars being parked there so we felt a bit safe and started walking to get to the mine. It was not an easy walk I must say especially for people like me who has weak cardiovascular system. But if you take it slowly and just enjoy the walk you’ll definitely get there. The walk to the mine from the main gate took us about an hour. But it will be different for different people. It depends on your stamina. Some can even do it under an hour.

Mamut ex copper mine is a beautiful place. It’s a perfect place for a photo shoot. However, don’t expect too much as all you see once you reached the place is an abandoned copper mine. We didn’t really explore the place actually. Some people went down the hill to get closer to the mine. We didn’t. I personally feel that the view is already worth the walk to the mine.


Side note:

In 2015, there was a plan to close the mine by filling the open pit due to its acidic water. It’s been said that if the wall of the mine break it could cause harm to people. However, the cost of filling the open pit will cost at least RM100mil and takes 10 years. You can read more about it HERE and HERE.


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