Pay this house a visit: Rumah USBA, Tawau



Last February, I flew to Tawau for my SPP interview. But mind you that this isn’t a post recounting my SPP experience because to be honest, I’m still processing the whole experience. But if you want to know anything about SPP interview, you can reach me personally. Just click on the the CONTACT tab.

This post is dedicated to one unplanned visit to Rumah USBA, Batu Payung in Tawau. Initially, our plan was to spend the last few hours in Tawau before we boarded the plane at the Batu Payung’s jetty. It was quite well known among the locals there. We’ve been there before.

However, what we did not know was across the jetty was a house worth to visit. We saw one notice inviting people to the house to see antique stuffs and straight away we decided to abandon our plan and crossed the road to get to the house. I mean, who would pass such opportunity? Not me.

At first, we were a bit hesitant. Afraid that our visit were not welcome since people actually live in that house and you don’t just come to people house, right? Plus we didn’t see anybody around except for voices inside the house. But me being insistent assured my friends that it was okay, after all, there was notice being put up inviting people to visit.

Not waiting for long, we ascended the stairs and one old man (he asked us to call him Om)   invited us to come in cheerfully and instantly I felt welcome. Without wasting any time, Om began showing us his antique collections and offered us some information about all the old stuffs he kept.

Portable lighthouse, spotlight, gas stove, iron, vintage bicycle, telephone, and gramophone were just few examples of old stuffs you could find in Om’s living room. And oh he also showed us his impressive old vinyl records collection and we got the opportunity to enjoy music from Jefridin’s era.

Apart from that, Om also shared with us Batu Payung’s history and showed us rocks in his backyard that resembled frog, lion, elephant and turtle.  It was quite fascinating especially when you saw the resemblance.

The highlight of this visit was, of course, the chance to know Om. He was the epitome of living life passionately. His eyes beaming with passion whenever he talked and explained things to us. You can see that he did things with all his heart. You’ll understand what I’m talking about once you sit and talk to him. Om reminded me to pursue my passions and put my heart into anything that I do. He’s a living inspiration!

A bit of information about Om, he used to work as a cameraman and he has 2000 pieces of photos in his collection if I’m not mistaken. In addition, he and his wife were the one who painted 1Malaysia mural all over Tawau between 2011-2012.

It’s true that sometimes inspiration knocked on your door in a way you never expected.

So if you ever find yourself in Tawau, pay Om a visit 🙂


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