Island Hopping in Semporna: Sibuan & Bohey Dulang


Tun Sakaran Marine Park was gazetted in 2004 as Sabah’s seventh park. It consists of eight islands. Pulau Bodgaya, Boheydulang, Tetagan, Selakan, Sebangkat, Maiga, Sibuan and Mantabuan.  This marine park presented one of the best view in the world.  With that in mind, I was so eager to go for an island hopping in Semporna so when my friends agreed to go I was thrilled.

We started our journey from Tawau to Semporna at around 6.30 am and reached our destination at around 7.30am. Our boat set off from the Jeti Awam at 8.30am. We were supposed to go to three islands. Sibuan, Mantabuan and Bohey Dulang. However, due to low tide the boat couldn’t get to Mantabuan. So we only went to Sibuan and Bohey Dulang. At first, we were to hike Bohey Dulang but due to the heavy rain early in the morning we were told that we’re going for snorkeling first in Sibuan island.

Sibuan Island

This island was our snorkeling destination. We paid RM15.00 for a set of snorkeling equipment. Because of the strong current we were told to not go farther into the sea. I was frustrated as I didn’t get to see much. There were only few fishes and that was that. I didn’t see any coral though. From what we were told, we need to get farther to see the corals. However, the stunning view made up for my disappointment.

One thing I noticed beside the  beautiful beach with white sand was the rubbish there. I was disturbed by the fact that people came to the island and left their rubbish behind. If you can’t make the commitment to take care of the place you visited then you better stay at home. Let’s be a more responsible visitor. Take care of our nature.

If you don’t know, Sibuan island is the most photograph island after Sipadan. Can you imagine what will happen to the beach if we don’t take good care of its environment?


Semporna’s Jetty



The weather was gloomy the whole time we were there

Bohey Dulang Island

Like I mentioned earlier, we were supposed to go to Mantabuan but because of low tide we couldn’t get in. We then went to the next island, Bohey Dulang. Usually people go to Bohey Dulang for a hike. The hike to the peak is 600M and the trail is quite challenging for some people. But the view you get once you reached the viewpoint is so worth it and you’ll thank yourself for not giving up halfway 🙂 The hike took me around 30 minutes.

While up there, I was so hungry and kept on thinking about the lunch we packed for this trip. Luckily we packed ourselves some lunch if not we would have to wait till we get to the main land to fill our hungry stomach. Some tour provide lunch but if you’re like us then you definitely have to bring some food and water.

You can read details about Bohey Dulang HERE



The breathtaking view from the peak of Bohey Dulang


Hiking in Bohey Dulang and seeing the colour of the ocean during the boat ride were the highlights of this trip for me. We even saw turtles swimming freely in the ocean.

If you really want to go to these islands, you should definitely go.


Let’s look at our cost as I’m sure this is a frequently asked question.

There are so many boat operator you can find on the internet. Do a comparison and pick the one that suits your budget or preferences.

Our cost per person are as shown below:



RM550/ 10 = RM55

Other fees:

Conservation = RM3

Jetty = RM 2

Snorkeling = RM15

Gas = RM10 each

Total budget per person= RM85


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Have a good day 🙂


Road Trip (Sandakan – Kinabatangan)

“And maybe it was childish, this old urge to explore for exploring’s


 Ransom Riggs

Who doesn’t fancy road trip? Not me. I have always wanted to do a road trip. My friends and I did one time but it was only a short ride for me and most of our plans were cancelled due to the earthquake few months ago. This time it was a five hours drive to the places I’ve never been to. Okay, I did passed them for I don’t know how many times and it doesn’t count. 

“Have you been to Sandakan?”
“No, I just passed by.”

I am sure no one wants conversation like that. I surely don’t want. Therefore, my friends and I planned a road trip to Sandakan and Kinabatangan. We asked few people if they wanted to join us. They said yes and that’s how we ended up road tripping for three days. I’ll write about all the places we went to part by part. It is easier that way. 
It was a tiring trip but it was definitely a memorable and wonderful trip. So here are some of the photos we took throughout our trip in no particular order.
Sandakan Town
The road to Labuk Bay

Our dorm. We actually spent our first night in another place but I didn’t take picture of the place.
Hiking up to get to the top of Agop Batu Tulug.
Inside the Gomantong Cave, Samud Hitam. This place is massive.

Don’t just look around. Take the time to read the information boards. They are there for a reason. You never know you might learn something new. I know I learnt a lot during this visit. 
At the Puu Jih Shih Temple entrance.

Till then. 

Malacca Part II ( Budget Trip )

On our second day, we checked out from the place we stayed in for a night at around 9am ( because check out time was usually at 12pm ). We left our belongings under the supervision of the hotel’s receptionist so that easier for us to move around.

We planned to feed ourselves first but the shops around there were not open yet even though it’s almost 10 in the morning. So we went on with exploring the town. First stop was A Famosa! Growing up I remember seeing pictures of this historical landmark on television, books and newspapers. Finally, I got to see it through my own eyes. But what I didn’t expect was it’s actually not the size I thought it were. I mean, it used to be a port that protected Malacca from enemies, isn’t it? So I imagined it to be tall and big. Mighty looking. Blame on my expectation.

Then, we hiked up a bit to see the St. Paul’s Church and the Dutch’s Graveyard. We were lucky to get there early before the other tourists came. We had the whole place to ourselves and we are free to take pictures without people suddenly walk by and also not feeling awkward posing for the camera. Plus, the silence got me imagining how the church were back then. In fact, I was imagining how Malacca used to look like the whole time I was there. Inside the church, there are old tombstones being displayed. The tombstones are actually from an old burial vault that were excavated in 1930 and then affixed to the church’s walls. Might not be a good idea to visit the place at night 🙂

Our next stop was the Maritime Museum ( Flora de Lamar ). The museum was a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. I know some people think museum is boring and stuff but I like it. A lot. If not because of time constrained I could spend hours in there. There are a lot of things we could learn about the early history of Malacca. There are also collection of ship models being displayed there. If you are a history enthusiast then this place might just right for you. Plus, the interior design of the museum was also interesting. We also went to the Samudera Museum near the Maritime Museum. Not many people there compare to the Maritime Museum, I don’t know why.

From there, we headed for a lunch and then the Taming Sari Tower. If you are afraid of height, then think twice because well, you might just fainted. Hehe. Nothing much to say about this one. If you are keen to see the view of the Selat Melaka then this is how. Go to Taming Sari Tower. After Taming Sari, we then went to see the Stadhuys but it was close at that time. But it’s alright since we had seen much of the historical city. We went back to Jonker Street and bought some souvenir. We walked some more and saw few other interesting things there ( like the Kling Mosque ). Because it was almost two, we decided to grab a taxi and headed back to our hotel to get our stuffs then to Malacca Sentral again and off to Johor we went.

The Dutch’s Graveyard

St. Paul’s Church

The Maritime Museum

Collection of ship models. Can I have one? They’re so cool.

Details. Details. Details. 

Lesson learned from Jonker 🙂
Till then 🙂

Malacca Part I ( Budget Trip )

Like what I’ve shared in my previous post, last semester break, not more than two weeks ago, my friends and I went for a budget trip ( Malacca-JB-Singapore). Our trip was one meaningful experience and it needs to be documented hence, the existence of this post 🙂 Our first stop was the historical city of Malacca and I must say that Malacca really live up to its reputation as one of the popular attractions in Malaysia. 
From KLIA2 we took a bus and went straight to Malacca. It took about two hours and 20 minutes to get there. I was practically bone tired ( slept at almost two the night before and went to the airport at 5.30am ) and fell to sleep along the way. It’s almost four when we reached Melaka Sentral. From there, we took a taxi and went to Jonker. The moment we entered the Jonker area, I was in awed seeing all the old buildings and the vintage feels really excites me. I’m sure if you see my face at that time you can really tell how I cannot wait to explore the place.
After we got off from the taxi, we went for a hotel/hostel/guesthouse hunting. We actually didn’t have specific plan on where to stay. Hotel, hostel or guesthouse? No. As long it was nice and cheap, of course. I think that we were very lucky because even without early reservation or proper planning we managed to get a really nice place to stay with affordable price. 
The hotel receptionist suggested us a place to eat for halal food (since one of us is a Muslim) and she showed us the way and even provided us with a map. Turned out, map confused us even more. I think it took us about an hour before we finally found the place we’re looking for. After we’ve done feeding our hungry tummies, we continued on walking and ‘wowwing’ at the every details of our surrounding.
We got back to our hotel, washed up and continued exploring the place. We’re actually looking forward for the night market at the Jonker Walk but sadly there are no night market at that time. We don’t know why. My friend said it is supposed to be held every night. Is it? We don’t know. To make up for our disappointment, we decided to go for the river cruise. It costs us only MYR10 per ride. I have to say that Malacca River look even nicer at night. We got back to the place we stayed in after that and ate instant noodles accompanied with instant coffees ( It’s a budget trip, alright?).
Notice the uneven skin tone? That’s the result of camping under the scorching sun.
1. Jonker Walk

2. Malacca River Cruise

3. River Song Residence

Till then 🙂

Budget Trip To Malacca and Singapore (Preview)

Hi, there! Last semester break, my friends and I went for a little adventure. We planned the whole trip early in February but we didn’t have clear plan. We only stated the places we want to go so we made up our mind and went with Malacca, Johor Bharu and Singapore. We booked our tickets and got ourselves passports. And on 16th June, off we went for our semester break’s adventures. 
So here’s some of the photos we took. I am going to post more on our trip according to the places we went to and share some of the interesting experiences we experienced. But first here’s some of the photos we took in no particular order.

See you in next post 🙂


First SBE – SK. Delayan, Sook, Keningau
Second SBE – SK. Keranaan, Ranau
Third SBE – SK. Pekan Tuaran, Tuaran

We have one more SBE and my friends and I are considering  Tambunan. I’ve never been to Tambunan so it’s a chance to see and explore new place. Anyway, back to what I intended to share here. So far, I think our third SBE was the most relaxing. Maybe because we did so many fun things after school hours. Usually, it was just the four of us but this time we had more friends at the same school and it was more fun. Getting to know future teachers from different colleges was also part of the fun.

On our first day, after school we went to this one pagoda/temple I don’t know which one they used for that place. This pagoda/temple is located in the heart of the Tuaran’s town. From above we can see the whole view of Tuaran town. Plus, the design was also mesmerising. Made me appreciate architecture even more. But I was a bit disappointed cause clearly some people did not appreciate the place (judging from the vandalism that happened there).

We also took the opportunity to go to the Upside Down House. We were told that it was the fifth upside down house in the world and the first in Malaysia so, of course, I was excited even though all we saw are a house and things being upside down 🙂 


Next up, we went to Tuaran’s Crocodile Farm. I don’t like crocodiles. They’re scary. Being so close to them was like a nightmare but I came out alive so maybe they’re not that scary after all. Well, we did ran like a total scaredy cat one time. Still, I had fun.


The highlight of that week was witnessing sunset at Dalit beach. It was breathtakingly beautiful. If you happen to be looking for a new place to see sunset and never been to Dalit beach then I suggest you to go there.

It was a week well spent and I’m happy that I got to experience and see new things. Looking forward for our next School Based Experience 🙂

See you on next post 🙂