Pay this house a visit: Rumah USBA, Tawau



Last February, I flew to Tawau for my SPP interview. But mind you that this isn’t a post recounting my SPP experience because to be honest, I’m still processing the whole experience. But if you want to know anything about SPP interview, you can reach me personally. Just click on the the CONTACT tab.

This post is dedicated to one unplanned visit to Rumah USBA, Batu Payung in Tawau. Initially, our plan was to spend the last few hours in Tawau before we boarded the plane at the Batu Payung’s jetty. It was quite well known among the locals there. We’ve been there before.

However, what we did not know was across the jetty was a house worth to visit. We saw one notice inviting people to the house to see antique stuffs and straight away we decided to abandon our plan and crossed the road to get to the house. I mean, who would pass such opportunity? Not me.

At first, we were a bit hesitant. Afraid that our visit were not welcome since people actually live in that house and you don’t just come to people house, right? Plus we didn’t see anybody around except for voices inside the house. But me being insistent assured my friends that it was okay, after all, there was notice being put up inviting people to visit.

Not waiting for long, we ascended the stairs and one old man (he asked us to call him Om)   invited us to come in cheerfully and instantly I felt welcome. Without wasting any time, Om began showing us his antique collections and offered us some information about all the old stuffs he kept.

Portable lighthouse, spotlight, gas stove, iron, vintage bicycle, telephone, and gramophone were just few examples of old stuffs you could find in Om’s living room. And oh he also showed us his impressive old vinyl records collection and we got the opportunity to enjoy music from Jefridin’s era.

Apart from that, Om also shared with us Batu Payung’s history and showed us rocks in his backyard that resembled frog, lion, elephant and turtle.  It was quite fascinating especially when you saw the resemblance.

The highlight of this visit was, of course, the chance to know Om. He was the epitome of living life passionately. His eyes beaming with passion whenever he talked and explained things to us. You can see that he did things with all his heart. You’ll understand what I’m talking about once you sit and talk to him. Om reminded me to pursue my passions and put my heart into anything that I do. He’s a living inspiration!

A bit of information about Om, he used to work as a cameraman and he has 2000 pieces of photos in his collection if I’m not mistaken. In addition, he and his wife were the one who painted 1Malaysia mural all over Tawau between 2011-2012.

It’s true that sometimes inspiration knocked on your door in a way you never expected.

So if you ever find yourself in Tawau, pay Om a visit 🙂


2016: Last chapter of five years and a half journey


I started writing a blog post just before I entered Maktab Perguruan or now known as Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG, fyi) and can’t believe six years later here I am still writing. I enjoy writing about my life experiences and thoughts so much and maybe that’s why I’m still here sharing a tiny bit of my life. Don’t matter if people will read this or not because I do what I love and that’s all that matter to me. And I intend to keep on doing this for as long as I can.

So, a lot happened this year. Some good and some not so good. This year is my final year as an undergraduate. And as per required, we need to conduct Action Research. More like thesis I think, except it’s not. It’s Action Research. Presented our proposal earlier this year and then presented the findings in October so the whole process of finishing this AR took us almost a year.

I remember one of our lecturers said, you’re going to eat, sleep and walk with your AR and it was true except for like only the last two months before we presented the findings because the rest of the months before I was so busy procrastinating. But at the end of the day, to be able to see my work compiled into one big hardcover book, I can’t help but to feel proud of myself. I can still remember the joy of seeing the final product in my hand for the first time.

Also, earlier this year I told myself that I wanted to create as many memories as I can with my friends and I’m glad I did. I don’t know about you, but the thought of leaving my friends, routines and familiar ground is unsettling. However, being surrounded by people who just get it and assured me that everything will be fine made the whole transition process a bit easier than I thought it would be.

As for my personal well being, this year has been all about not giving a damn to negative people and loving myself more. That’s what we should do anyway, right? I wrote about loving myself more a while ago so you can read it HERE.

Anyway, I’m so happy that this five years journey has finally come to an end. There’s so much I want to write about this. However, if I were to share everything I have in mind this will be a lengthy post and I don’t want that. All I can say is that, despite all the hiccups and downside of being a trainee teacher, I came out a different person. Better than who I was five years ago. And that matter to me.

There’s a long road ahead of me. It’ll not be a smooth transition. There’ll be challenges. But it’s the part and parcel of life. I’ll take it as a learning process to be a much better version of myself. So here’s to 2017 and a new chapter in life!!

Till next post 🙂


Few months ago, my roommate and I had the time to tour KK city by walking right after we finished our SBE. Our flight was on Sunday’s afternoon (SBE ended on Friday) so we decided that we used our time to explore KK by just walking. We walked from our hotel to Terminal Wawasan to Jesselton Point and back to our hotel again. After all the walking I can say that I’m bone tired but definitely worth all the sweats and blisters. We saw things that we usually overlooked. I mean, you could see all kind of details. From the building, the people and even the changes that I didn’t even realise. 
On Sunday morning, we went to Gaya Street and had our breakfast there. Here’s the thing, because there are so many people and stuffs to look at I ended up leaving the place with not a single picture taken. It was great to just walked through the streets. Immersing myself to the surrounding and stop whenever something caught my eyes. 
These pictures were taken earlier this year when I went there with my family before leaving KK for Tawau.
I want to tour this lovely city of KK again. Probably soon.
That’s about it. 
Till next post 🙂

Sabah Children Congress

Well, look at me, writing an entry for three days in a row. Generally speaking, I seemed to be off tune when it comes to blogging for quite sometimes. I had numbers of what to share in mind. In fact, I think of stories, topics, and etc whenever I had the chance to. But all of those ideas ended up if not in my messy drafts, vanished. Just like that. Stepping into semester two, I made one promise to myself. I’m going to blog as frequent as I can. What’s the use of having a space on my own on the internet when I take it for granted? So without further ado, let’s proceed to the main topic. Shall we? Okay, that only sounds good when you do a presentation in class.
I decided to join the event ( Sabah Children Congress ) without a second thought. Three weeks holiday without doing anything beneficial I think is a total waste. Though I still like the idea of locking up myself at home, waking up late, not caring if my hair feel greasy, playing games until midnight..the list is endless. So the experience I acquired during those three days and two nights camping taught me a lot. Dealing with kids was never my cup of tea. Really. Turned out, I manage to get along with all the kids very well. Although I’m on the verge of having a massive headache. I mean, kids can drive you crazy. I bet my mother experienced the same thing. She dealt with kids for like forever. Since I’ll be dealing with kids a lot in the future, ‘hopefully‘, this camping was an opportunity for me to understand those little gems. To dig deep my potential in handling kids. Hands on experience is always the best way to learn and improve.

Poyo@Mega with Kiki Lala
Speaker from The Phillipines
Young performer.
This event was specifically for Seventh-Day Adeventist.

Simpang Mengayau, Kudat, Sabah

I can’t swim but that didn’t stop me from loving the ocean 🙂 So when my cousin asked me whether I would like to join them to go to Simpang Mengayau, or famously known as The Tip of Borneo, without second thought I said, yes. I tell ya, the place is beauuutiful and you should go there and witness it with your own eyes and tell me whether we’re on the same page 🙂