5 places you should go in Kundasang, Ranau

There are so much to see in Kundasang/Ranau.  But because I have all the time in the world I narrow it down for you. After doing some research, reading reviews and from my own experiences I picked five places that I personally think you should go while in Kundasang/Ranau.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm


Dub as New Zealand in Sabah. Need I say more?

More info HERE

Sabah Tea Garden

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life and offers you beautiful surrounding. Perfect place to wind down during the weekend.

Extensive info HERE

War Memorial Park


A must visit as it is one of the firsts memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the tragic death marches to Ranau during World War II.

More info HERE

Kinabalu Park

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

You’ve not been to Kundasang if you’ve not visited Kinabalu Park. While there may be no specific reason as to why, I just think it’s a compulsory for you to see Mount Kinbalu from here.

More info HERE

Ranau sport and paragliding complex


 For the adrenaline junkies. Read more on paragliding in Lohan, Ranau HERE.

I said five but I also said there are so many to see/do so here’s one more thing that you need to do in Kundasang. CLIMB MOUNT KINABALU! Read my experience climbing the mountain in 2012 HERE.



This is my own list. My own opinion. My own pick. It really depends on your own choices anyway. So share with me your own list if you have one 🙂

Hope this helps to narrow down your choices!

Till next post 🙂


Mamut Ex Copper Mine, Ranau

img_1125Mamut ex copper mine is relatively new to many people. That include me. I only knew about this place last year through Instagram though I read about this place while in school but never had I imagined that one day I’ll be able to see it with my own eyes. Though Mamut Copper Mine is not officially open for visitation it has gained attention from many these past few years.

We went to the ex mine on the first day of our Ranau trip. However, the main gate is closed and we need to walk by foot to reach the mine. It was getting dark that time and we decided to come back the next day.

As planned, we reached Mamut Copper Mine main gate the next day at noon and parked our car at the main gate. There were few other cars being parked there so we felt a bit safe and started walking to get to the mine. It was not an easy walk I must say especially for people like me who has weak cardiovascular system. But if you take it slowly and just enjoy the walk you’ll definitely get there. The walk to the mine from the main gate took us about an hour. But it will be different for different people. It depends on your stamina. Some can even do it under an hour.

Mamut ex copper mine is a beautiful place. It’s a perfect place for a photo shoot. However, don’t expect too much as all you see once you reached the place is an abandoned copper mine. We didn’t really explore the place actually. Some people went down the hill to get closer to the mine. We didn’t. I personally feel that the view is already worth the walk to the mine.


Side note:

In 2015, there was a plan to close the mine by filling the open pit due to its acidic water. It’s been said that if the wall of the mine break it could cause harm to people. However, the cost of filling the open pit will cost at least RM100mil and takes 10 years. You can read more about it HERE and HERE.

Desa Dairy Farm & Kundasang’s Market


After Crystal Hill, our next stop was the famous Desa Dairy Farm. This was my first visit there though I’ve been to Ranau quite a number of time. So of course I was excited. It is the Sabah’s New Zealand after all.

We arrived at Desa Dairy Farm at around 10am or so and it was already packed with people. The thing I don’t like about going to mainstream place is the crowd. It suffocates me. But it’s something I have to live with anyway.

Once we entered the building, we straight away went to get some gelato. I opted for the chocolate but having tasted the yogurt flavour from a friend I think yogurt won over chocolate. So go for the yogurt one if you go there. But it would be best to try both so you can decide for yourself which flavour  you like the most.


As expected, the view is astonishingly beautiful. However, due to the rain I didn’t really get to see the view that I saw all over the internet. We didn’t even get to see the full view of Mount Kinabalu. Thanks to you, rain.

While there we were practically just walking around the building, bought a cold sausage and fresh milks, and also fed a cow with a grass that you can buy at the counter. Our time there was mostly spent inside the building. So I was a bit frustrated not having the chance to actually enjoy the beautiful scenery. Definitely will come back. So did Desa Dairy Farm reached my expectation? Definitely. I love the picturesque scenery.

We then headed for Dreamworld Resort but it was raining heavily and we only stayed in the van for about 30minutes. Because we couldn’t get out, we decided to go to the Kundasang’s famous market. It was still raining when we reached there. Though I was frustrated with the rain, it didn’t really spoiled my mood as I was happily buying some fruits though I was freezing to death. Hehe.

After buying everything we wanted, we headed to our next stop which was the Arnab Village. A new attraction site in Ranau but I’ll do a separate post on that.


Crystal Hill, Kundasang


Few weeks ago, my friends and I went for a three days trip in Ranau and Tambunan. This was our first trip after a long hiatus from going anywhere so I was really looking forward to the trip. As it turned out, the trip was wonderful.

As you can guess, our first destination was Crystal Hill located in Kundasang. We left our homestay at around 7am and had breakfast at one of the restaurants in Ranau town. From what I experienced, you don’t have much choices on the best places to eat in Ranau. But if you think I’m wrong, let me know.

Anyway, we were supposed to hike but we took the wrong way as we went to Crystal Hill Lodge instead of THE Crystal Hill. One of the workers there kindly directed us to where we supposed to go. As soon as we got there, rain started pouring down and we were freezing to death. We were there for only like 15 minutes before running like some wild dogs chasing from behind as the rain was getting heavier.

We didn’t really hike while we were there but I can assure you that it’s a perfect place for hiking. Too bad we were there during bad weather. Nevertheless, we did get a spectacular view of Kundasang town and the majestic Mount Kinabalu.img_0973img_0977img_0990img_0975img_5012img_5019img_5031